oneTree365 – The Book

by Ciaran Burke

onetree365-12 month collage

On December 4th 2012, I decided to start a project, a photography project, but also an exercise in tree appreciation and observance of nature. Taking time each day to spend a few minutes observing a tree and its surroundings. As the photographing phase nears its conclusion, the project is taking new directions.

There is an exhibition being planned for the Spring at Charlestown Arts Centre in Co. Mayo and currently I am working on a book of the project oneTree365 -The Book.

The book will feature all of the 365 photographs of the tree,one for each day. Printing costs associated with the project will be expensive so I am trying the crowd funding route to make this a reality. My project has gone live on the Irish based site. Visit the link below to find out more about the book project and/or to support it and get a copy of the book.

oneTree365 – The book on:


One Comment to “oneTree365 – The Book”

  1. What a wonderful project, I remember when I was studying in Maynooth wanting to do something similar with a wonderful tree on the grounds there , the changes in the seasons were depicted so wonderfully . I would love to get your book and see these photos , I too live in Co. Mayo and have begun a garden challenge myself . Over the years I tried to establish a garden of sorts but this time I am really enjoying the challenge and look forward to following your posts here on word press. Kind regards Kathy. I am also a member of the Irish garden site and I think you replied to one of my posts there about my garden a good few years ago. nice to meet you again and happy gardening. Kathy.

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