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December 3, 2015

Even when it rains…

by Ciaran Burke

The weather may be horrible, a wet and gloomy morning. The day ahead can seem impossibly dreary and it is hard to face the drive to work. That’s how it felt today…

As I descended the steps from the apartment rain drops gently shaking the feathery foliage of Mahonia eutybracteata ‘Soft Caress’ gently called my attention. A moment of admiration in the rain, led to moments more, a little time to reflect and appreciate.

The power of nature, witnessed through the beauty of plant life, made the day seem better. Not having a garden, we grow our plants in pots and other containers. We pass them by each day; they helps us to connect with the world and seasons, cheering up each day.

The flower buds of Viburnum tinus ‘Lisa Rose’, the few leaves of Liquidambar orientale paled yellow before the winter sleep, the humble nodding petals of Helleborus ‘Winter Bells’, and the cheeky faces of Viola in the vertical planters. They made my morning seem brighter, even in the rain.






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