Some of this week’s Blooms 

by Ciaran Burke

Malva sylvestris, grown from seed, a free packet from Thompson and Morgan last year. A beautiful plant that will flower for a long time. I just love the dark markings on the petals.

Bulbinella hookeri, I have had this plant for years. It has travelled with me from garden to garden and now it is happy in a pot. Nice foliage too.

Philadelphus X erectus, this is a cutting from a plant that we originally bought in a garden centre in Finland where it is widely grown, so we know it’s hardy! One of the hybrids bred by the French nursery Lemoine in the late 19th century. Superb fragrance and a compact growth habit.

Philadelphus microphyllus, another cutting, this time from my late mother’s garden. Tiny leaves and small nodding flowers with a nice scent on a compact plant.

Lupinus X polyphyllus, considered an invasive weed in Northern Europe, this North American plant can be seen along roadsides in Finland. We love it and bumble bees love it too. This is a clump of two year old seedlings that have been flower for the last number of weeks. Like the Malva mentioned above, it grows in a gravelly soil at the base of a wall opposite our apartment. 

We have been planting lots of plants along the wall, in addition to our pot plants it makes the area feel like a garden and they provide lots of food for the bees.

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