Little South African enjoys pot in Ireland

by Ciaran Burke

Bulbinella hookeri

Bulbinella hookeri,  an unassuming clump of short grassy leaders emerged in the centre of the pot in Spring. There is no label, I study the leaves, a minute passes as I try to recollect, then it comes back to me,”the yellow lad from South Africa”. Bulbinella hookeri, the name returns to me, this is a yearly spring ritual which ends with me saying that I must label it.

Now the flowers are almost over, the pot still unlabeled, and I have enjoyed the understated elegance of this beautiful bulb which is native to South Africa.

This plant has travelled with me from my first garden in Dublin, it travelled west to Mayo, in both places it was happy growing in well drained soil in a sunny position. Now it resides in a pot in Kildare, sitting on a garden table, cheerful and happy, a cheer that is infectious, making me smile with admiration. Admiration for its beauty, resilience and grateful for its willingness to survive without much attention. It seems all it needs is some praise and affection for its blooms when they appear in summer. 

One Comment to “Little South African enjoys pot in Ireland”

  1. Would love one of these so cheerful .

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