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June 22, 2015

Two little big surprises from seed

by Ciaran Burke

Alnus fruticosa – dwarf seedling


Betula albosinensis – 9 year old in centre at back of deck


Buds of dwarf alder


Bark of dwarf Betula albosinensis


dwarf Betula albosinensis in spring

We made a list of all the plants that we are currently growing in our container garden. Some of the plants we brought with us from our old garden. Included in these are a number of plants that we raised from seed. When growing plants from seed, each one is genetically distinct from the others. Although the majority will usually look quite similar when growing trees such as birch or alder, occasionally one can be pleasantly surprised. In 2006 we sowed seed of Betula albosinensis and an unusual alder, Alnus fruticosa. We potted up the germinated seeds and after a few years some plants were planted in the garden. From each of the two species, we got one individual amongst the seedlings which displayed characteristics remarkably different from the rest of their seedling batch; dwarf bushy plants! In the case of the Birch, after nine years our selected plant now measures less than 1 meter and has a bushy habit, all other plants grew much taller and average about 3 meters or more. From the alders only two plants survived, one growing to 2.5 meters, typical of whet on would expect, but the other is hardly reaching 30cm and retains a distinctly bushy growth habit. The dwarf plants from each batch we dug up and now grow as prized plants in our containers. With Plants that we have propagated ourselves, we create a stronger attachment when compared to bought plants. Seed raised plants have the bonus of potential individual interest, diversity and the potential to be something special.

May 29, 2010

Sun flowers from local market

by Ciaran Burke

I bought a few sunflower plants for our BLOOM stand this morning. I was actually on my way to buy some bags of farm yard manure in the local Connacht Gold co-op when the sunny bright faces of the sunflowers caught my eye. They were standing by the side of the road in Ballaghaderreen in the misty rain. They looked like they were hitching a lift.

The sunflowers were being sold by a local nursery at the farmers market. I thought they would be perfect for our Project Nasturuim stand, and it is good to support local business. Later this evening Hanna and I will visit their nursery to select some flowering plants of nasturtiums.

May 28, 2010

Collecting newspaper

by Ciaran Burke

Over the last couple of months I have been collecting newspapers from friends of mine. From a typical broad sheet paper I can make about 100 pots for sowing seeds, maybe even more.

Each week I collect a bag like this one, lots of pots!

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